Friday, March 1, 2013

DYI - Quick Chevron Rug

A while back I really wanted a new rug for in my kitchen....but I am attempting a life as a girl on a budget. Lame, right? Anywho. I remembered I had some old rag rugs in the closet. I created this beauty with mod podge and fine glitter. I think it turned out really cute. I love it.

tape off pattern on rug using painters tape.

step 2
mix 3 parts mod podge, 1 part fine glitter, 1/2 water.

step 3
using a paintbrush paint the exposed parts of the rug. let first coat dry. repeat with a second coat for more solid coverage. (cover your mod podge mixture in a ziploc to keep it moist)

step 4
once the mod podge is completely dry, remove the tape.

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