Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Organized

Time to reorganize! My bathroom drawer was a little in need of some organizing. It was like a mini bomb had gone off in the drawer while I was sleeping.

Before....holy mother load!

step 1 - clear the drawer onto counter. Again, holy mother load!

step 2 measure your drawer. I used tissue paper. Trace the inner perimeter of the drawer. Then sketch out the placement and shape of your items.I like using tissue paper because it folds nicely and is lightweight, allowing me to throw it in my purse.

step 3 go to the store (I went to Lowe's), find the organizational bin section, pull out your trusty drawer map. Then take a look at the bins available and which ones would work best with your sketched items, then place each bin on top of your map, rearranging until you are happy with the layout. I litterally sat on the floor at Lowe's (I figured it can't be the strangest thing to ever happen).

step 4 put new bins  in the drawer and start filling. Now I smile instead of cringe when I open my drawer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Talk Support

When it comes to ill fitting workout clothing. believe me I understand. I have a oddly shaped body, making it difficult to find comfortable and supportive items. But I am hear to tell you it can be done! Yay! You no longer have to be that girl with the, ahem, free range 'girls'. I recently discovered the Rebound Racer sports bra from Moving Comfort. I LOVE this bra. Prior to this discovery I wore two sports bras, one for support and one for coverage (I hate showing my nips to the world, but hey if that's your thing, go for it).

Rebound Racer - Image Source 

Why I love the Rebound Racer-
1. Padded shoulder straps. Amazing! No more shoulder gouging.
2. Slightly padded cups.  No nipping or chaffing! Shew!
3. Front adjustable shoulder straps. Genius!
4. Adjustable back closure clasps.
 Love, love, love!

I also love Moving Comfort's pants. The waistline is not too low or too tight. The pants actually stay where you put them but don't give you a fat roll-up (when the fat at your waist is squish up and above the waistband, creating more back and side fat).  I have the Fearless pant and Capri.

Fearless pant - Image Source
Now go workout, already!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, Molly.

So Molly is a funny dog. I don't mean funny haha, more like funny quirky. For example, yesterday I took her to Petsmart to pick-up dog food. This seemed like a good idea. Molly loves riding in the car and sniffing things, we have to drive to get to Petsmart, there is TONS to sniff. Off we went. On our way into the store we had to jump over the braille sidewalk things (what are those really for?), and by "we" I mean Molly. She has always been afraid of faux slits in sidewalks and will nearly choke herself (when on a leash) to avoid them. 
Back to our store visit, I decided to buy her a plush dog toy without the stuffing. A couple of weeks ago she was at Kelli's and loved playing with Sophie's. So I bought it. Big mistake. 

We pay, she gets a treat from the cashier, which she will only take when the girl puts the treat on the ground. This, quirk I see as a positive. I like that she doesn't take treats from my hand. Anywho, so we continue our journey outside with the cart of dog food. I should mention that Molly is also afraid of anything that makes loud noise or could potentially fall on her. We (Molly) safely jump over the braille things. Shew! Continuing our frightening walk to the car. I mean seriously guys, do you know how loud and scary shopping cart wheels are on uneven pavement?! Jeez! Luckily, we made it to the car. 

After arriving home, I give her toy, she plays with it for a few minutes. Then something happened, maybe the toy said something really mean, not sure. Suddenly, the flat no-stuffing-having dog toy was the enemy! Molly went to the safety of her dog bed (what dog wouldn't) and proceeded to bark and growl at her new toy. Finally, finally mustering up enough courage to take the enemy outside, Molly dropped it about two feet from her doggy door. You are probably hoping that must be the end of this really pointless dog story, but no. Now, Molly was afraid to use her doggy door. She would go over, peek out with her little paw and cry, walk back over to me and cry, repeat ten more times. I could not take it anymore, ( I mean come on Molly all your crying is interrupting my Giuliana & Bill episode! So rude!) I went outside grabbed the enemy and put it safely out of sight. 

Finally, all was right in the land of Molly, concluding the episode of Molly vs. Mean and Scary Plush Toy. Love you Mols! 

The Enemy 

Friday, May 18, 2012

I heart Auto Correct

I have a close friend who almost always has auto corrected errors in his text messages. I even joke that I have to use my very own text decoder ring for reading them. Today was a prime example. We had plans to go to lunch, but unfortunately he had to cancel so he could return his rental car and pick up his car from the auto body shop. Now, I only know this due to my decoding skills (remember the decoder ring?). Here's a little sample...

Friend: Cat will done after 12:15. Will be using lunch to return rental can and pick up car.
Me: K
Me: When did you get a cat?
Me: You are eating it for lunch?!
Me: Where do you rent cans?

Bah! Too funny! Some days I wonder if he uses his toes to text....or has no thumbs!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love this idea!

I found this lovely idea from one of my favorite craft sites,  U-Create Crafts  . I am going to attempt this on my bathroom mirrors! Right now they are a little circa 1970's ...sad and ugly. 

(Love my Amy Butler shower curtain, cute!) 

Wouldn't it look better with this?  Created by KrisKrafting 


Look for updates under the House Projects tab.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Blog Button - Ya or Nay?

I have been working on a logo is what I designed. What do you think? 

Dunkin' I feel so betrayed!

I stopped off at Dunkin' Donuts this morning for one of these and

ended up with these

I feel so, betrayed...and hungry.

The Mollikins!

Look at that morning face!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Night Out & About

Can't be a night out with good friends! Movie and BBQ!

Playing With Color Palettes

I discovered the new Sherwin-Williams coloring matching app - ColorSnap. Way fun! The app pulls colors from your photo and matching them to real Sherwin-Williams paint swatches. Check it out...