Friday, May 18, 2012

I heart Auto Correct

I have a close friend who almost always has auto corrected errors in his text messages. I even joke that I have to use my very own text decoder ring for reading them. Today was a prime example. We had plans to go to lunch, but unfortunately he had to cancel so he could return his rental car and pick up his car from the auto body shop. Now, I only know this due to my decoding skills (remember the decoder ring?). Here's a little sample...

Friend: Cat will done after 12:15. Will be using lunch to return rental can and pick up car.
Me: K
Me: When did you get a cat?
Me: You are eating it for lunch?!
Me: Where do you rent cans?

Bah! Too funny! Some days I wonder if he uses his toes to text....or has no thumbs!


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