Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Organized

Time to reorganize! My bathroom drawer was a little in need of some organizing. It was like a mini bomb had gone off in the drawer while I was sleeping.

Before....holy mother load!

step 1 - clear the drawer onto counter. Again, holy mother load!

step 2 measure your drawer. I used tissue paper. Trace the inner perimeter of the drawer. Then sketch out the placement and shape of your items.I like using tissue paper because it folds nicely and is lightweight, allowing me to throw it in my purse.

step 3 go to the store (I went to Lowe's), find the organizational bin section, pull out your trusty drawer map. Then take a look at the bins available and which ones would work best with your sketched items, then place each bin on top of your map, rearranging until you are happy with the layout. I litterally sat on the floor at Lowe's (I figured it can't be the strangest thing to ever happen).

step 4 put new bins  in the drawer and start filling. Now I smile instead of cringe when I open my drawer.

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