Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh, Molly.

So Molly is a funny dog. I don't mean funny haha, more like funny quirky. For example, yesterday I took her to Petsmart to pick-up dog food. This seemed like a good idea. Molly loves riding in the car and sniffing things, we have to drive to get to Petsmart, there is TONS to sniff. Off we went. On our way into the store we had to jump over the braille sidewalk things (what are those really for?), and by "we" I mean Molly. She has always been afraid of faux slits in sidewalks and will nearly choke herself (when on a leash) to avoid them. 
Back to our store visit, I decided to buy her a plush dog toy without the stuffing. A couple of weeks ago she was at Kelli's and loved playing with Sophie's. So I bought it. Big mistake. 

We pay, she gets a treat from the cashier, which she will only take when the girl puts the treat on the ground. This, quirk I see as a positive. I like that she doesn't take treats from my hand. Anywho, so we continue our journey outside with the cart of dog food. I should mention that Molly is also afraid of anything that makes loud noise or could potentially fall on her. We (Molly) safely jump over the braille things. Shew! Continuing our frightening walk to the car. I mean seriously guys, do you know how loud and scary shopping cart wheels are on uneven pavement?! Jeez! Luckily, we made it to the car. 

After arriving home, I give her toy, she plays with it for a few minutes. Then something happened, maybe the toy said something really mean, not sure. Suddenly, the flat no-stuffing-having dog toy was the enemy! Molly went to the safety of her dog bed (what dog wouldn't) and proceeded to bark and growl at her new toy. Finally, finally mustering up enough courage to take the enemy outside, Molly dropped it about two feet from her doggy door. You are probably hoping that must be the end of this really pointless dog story, but no. Now, Molly was afraid to use her doggy door. She would go over, peek out with her little paw and cry, walk back over to me and cry, repeat ten more times. I could not take it anymore, ( I mean come on Molly all your crying is interrupting my Giuliana & Bill episode! So rude!) I went outside grabbed the enemy and put it safely out of sight. 

Finally, all was right in the land of Molly, concluding the episode of Molly vs. Mean and Scary Plush Toy. Love you Mols! 

The Enemy 

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