Monday, March 11, 2013

Arizona Aloha Festival 2013

I had a chance to go to the AZ Aloha Festival with a group of friends this weekend. I took my camera with in hopes of getting some fun shots. I love all the vivid colors of the Polynesian culture.

The festival was filled with vendors selling various cultural items. If you have ever been to Hawaii it is similar to the large swap meet pavilions they have, just on a smaller scale. 

There were two stages of dancers. They were amazing. 

This random little dog loved my boots and decided to call them home. I loved this giant rotisserie of spinning chicken. That there folks, is a dude wearing a pink wig on stage. Yep. Pink wig. It was too funny.

Oh! And it smelled AMAZING! I purchased some these delicious noodles on the way out. They tasted delightful. 

You may recall my obsession with Rhett the Rooster...I think Rhett would feel intimidated by the size of this guy. He was huge! I loved him nonetheless. I wonder if Rhett is still there. Hmmm...

Overall it was a fun adventure. 


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