Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Antique Lover

I love the eclectic-vintage look. There is just something about mixing the old with the new. My bestie Kelli loves, loves, loves antiquing and being the kind, loving, and supportive friend that I am, I venture out with her from time to time.

On my most recent treasure hunting trip I came across these fun beauties....


How precious are the vintage towel sets? So cute. And not to mention the Raggedy Ann & Andy cookie tin. Love! I loved the bright red color of the bracelet, it will look great with that Martha Stewart turquoise-Robbins egg blue.

I spotted the aluminum bowl set and thought of my Grandma Lamb, she always had the tall aluminum drinking cups. It brings back a memory of hot summer, cold water, and a wheel of warm cheddar cheese. My grandparents always(or at least it seems in my child memory bank) had a round wheel of cheddar cheese  sitting on their kitchen table. Memories.
As for Lady Ketchup, she just cute and moi!

Meet Rhett the Rooster.
I. am. in. LOVE. I want to hug him, and kiss him, and marry him....or maybe just put him on my front porch. According, to the above mentioned Bestie, it's my "Tennessee coming out". I simply don't care where it comes from, I just LOVE him. Please wait for me

Dear Rhett, 
 Please don't let someone buy you, you belong with me.

Patiently Waiting,

I found Rhett and my other fabulous finds at Merchant Square Antiques in Chandler, AZ. I recommended a visit in you are ever in Chandler.

Phoenix's 7th Avenue has a couple of different shops within walking distance of each other...a sort of vintage shop hop experience. Rust & Roses and Melrose Vintage are two of the cute shops. 

Now get out and find some treasure!

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