Friday, July 13, 2012

What is he doing?

About a month ago I was driving home via my normal route when I noticed a man standing on his balcony. I thought he looked a little creepy, but just drove on past, not giving him another thought. Then a couple of nights later I drove past the same balcony, to my surprise, the same creepy guy was up there, just staring back at me. Creepy. By my third encounter with Mr. Creepy Creepster, I realized he's not a HE, he's a dummy, not a dumb-y but a mannequin. Wow! A whole new level of strange. Again, I was creep-ed out! I wondered why do you have a mannequin on your balcony? Is he one of those security camera mannequins? Do you think he's real? I was just so perplexed, not to mention, creep-ed out. I thought there would be no way anyone would believe me.

Luckily, a couple of nights later my friend was with me as we drove past, I quickly (and legally) did a U-turn, and said, "Look up! Do you notice anything?" Her reply, "Euh, why did you show me that? Now I won't be able to sleep tonight". Just plain, creepy, I tell ya, creepy. I felt so much better have a second witness.

Shortly after I gained my second witness testimony, Mr. Creepy Creepster disappeared. He was gone. It's funny,  every time I drove by I would look up to see if he was watching. He wasn't.....that is until yesterday! He is back! I parked and took his photo this time. Maybe he went a summer vacation???

close up and creepy

It's okay if you had to look away...I 'm still a little afraid to make direct eye contact.

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