Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Travel Tips - Free Download

 I do a fair amount of traveling to visit family and friends out-of-state.  I thought I would share some of my collection of favorite travel tips. I remember growing up my mom had a master packing checklist (I know, she's a genius, that one!). It was great for making sure you had everything in your bag. Want one for your own travels???? See the free download at the bottom of this post.

-snap a quick photo of your car in its spot in the airport parking 
(you’ll probably misplace the parking stub, but not your phone).

-group travel- drop everyone (but the driver, he needs to park the car &snap a photo:)) 
and the luggage off at the passeneger drop-off, illiminating the hassel of lugging 
6 people and their luggage on and off the airport shuttle.

-use a backpack for your carry-on, all of the pockets are great for
making your items easy to access and organized.

-family travel - have each child(if they are of walking age) wear and carry their 
own backpack - fill with their favorite snacks, puzzle, doll, blanket, 
empty water bottle (fill once you pass security)etc.

-pack headphones in your carry-on.

-pre buy a book or magzines and snacks (saving bookoo bucks!)

-pack a clean garbage bag in your luggage for dirty clothes.

- pack a foldable nylon duffle bag inside your luggage...for all those new travel treasures.

-if staying at a place with laundry - do a load before you leave, 
taking home a suitcase of clean clothes. 

Free Download

Happy Summer Travels!

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