Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Party Time : Tutorials & Printables

Are you excited about the 2012 Olympics? I am. Woot! I thought an Olympic party would be way fun. Here are some fun ideas....

Make your own Olympic T-shirt, Olympic banner, flags for straws or cupcakes, mustache and Olympic googles for fun photos.

Full tutorial.

step 1
dye your shirt according to package instructions.

step 2
print out Olympic printable, cut, and then iron according to package directions.

remove transfer paper backing, sand shirt with a piece of sand paper to give a distressed look. 

wash and dry shirt. 

Download the PDF printable below. There are two sizes for each color option. The medium print will work for both children and adults, the small print will work for the infant sized garments (2/sheet).

Small Non Traditional Olympic Small Medium Non Traditional Colors1med

Small Olympic Traditional

Traditional Olympic Medium

Make an Olympic banner. Print out the printable below. Tape to a strand of yarn. Hang as a backdrop for your photo booth. 

Olympic Banner

Make custom drinking jars. Paint the rings of Mason jars in Olympic colors, green, black, yellow, red, and blue craft paint.

Make fun flags for straws. Print both sheets. Be sure that you only have one sheet of paper in your printer. Let the printer print the first copy, once the printer notifies you that there is no paper, put printer flag sheet back in and print the second side. This will allow your flags to be double sided. 
Cut out each flag. Created to slits in the middle of the flag.
The flags could also be used as cupcake flags. 

Mini Flags

Make funny glasses and a mustache for hilarious photos. Simply print out the printable below, cut out the shapes, and tape them to a wood skewer. 

Olympic Picture Party

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  1. You truly never cease to amaze me!!! I need some of your ideas in my home.


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