Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordle Fun!

Have you heard of Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds? If you are like me you had not. My cousin learned about it in one of her college courses. Thank goodness for higher education, right?! Don't get too up in arms, it was in a marriage and family course and completely relevant. America will only be in trouble when crafting reaches Chemistry class ... or will it, hmmm???

Here's the jist, you click create, type a bunch of words or paste a blog URL etc.. The more times you type the word the larger it will appear. For example, I typed LAMB 6 times, FAMILY 4 get it, right?!
From there you can change the layout, color scheme, font. I you are not feeling creative or just can't decide you can click the randomize button at the bottom.

I took the year my parents were married, their last name, and then the first name of each member of our current family (parentals, bros, s-i-l, and grandkids).

Be sure to save your file as a pdf if you want to print it later. You can direct print using the print icon found at the bottom of the Wordle create page. If you do not it will be lost in internet land forever. The Wordle site does not have a search function.

 Here's my fun little creation...(pardon the sad screenshot the html image code translates small and blurry).


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