Thursday, August 9, 2012

T-Shirt Baby Bibs

Remember my friend Ashleigh and our craft/sew/project night? We made these cute baby bibs from this tutorial  from Michelle over at A Little Tipsy . I think they turned out darling. Ashleigh made them as gifts for girlfriends she had raced out of the race t-shirt. So cute, right?! I made some out my old t-shirts, so they are little more on the girly side, but still cute. 


Adjustments to the tutorial:
-make your stencil out of a clear file folder like these. This allows you to see your graphic tee so you can capture the portion you want.
-cut your straps out separately, this made the neckline smoother.
-cut off the actual collar (unless you are making the version out of button-up shirts. we didn't make any of those).

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  1. I'm glad you remembered to link up the tutorial. I had forgotten to do that, but I went back and fixed it. Good times in the world of crafting. We'll have to come up with a name soon!


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