Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Don - Be The Match

I was pondering why it takes a personal connection to motivate us (human beings) to get involved. Why do we wait for something to happen before we do something?

This was the case for me with Be The Match. It wasn’t until my best friend’s father, Don was diagnosed with two types of leukemia this past year that I got involved.

Don is a great man. A wonderful Dad. A fantastic father-in-law. A kind and loving husband. A generous grandpa. Don is full of service and concern for others, ever willing to help when asked. Quick to chuckle. Truly, a great person.

But Don has two types of leukemia.

He needs a bone marrow transplant to fight his cancer.

Did you know, your children are not tested as potential donors?  An unrelated-stranger is a better match? Crazy. Your siblings can be tested but the odds are still better with a stranger.

Don’s siblings are not a match.

Don’s hope for life must come from the bone marrow registry. A stranger, a fellow human being, perhaps sitting in a cubicle, made a choice to be involved.

Now Don will have a chance to fight. I pray and hope he will win.

Don is the reason I received this donor card in the mail. I cannot cure Don’s cancer. I cannot wish it away. I can be the hope for a fellow human being, perhaps sitting in a cubicle.

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  1. I love that you're a donor. I hope and pray Don can find his.

    1. Thank you, Emily. Don goes into hospital for 6 weeks on July 5. Yay! Thank you for your prayers.


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