Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun Journal Bookmarks

I am currently working on gift tag for my church girls camp. Their theme is B.O.O.T. (building our own testimonies). Cute! The girls will be receiving journals, we thought a pen with a quote would be fun.

I created a journal bookmark printable.

white card-stock
12 inches of 1 inch ribbon per printable
sewing machine with coordinating thread
scotch tape
 step 1
print out the printable on card-stock weight paper

step 2
measure and cut your ribbon (i choose to cut mine 12 inches, I just used the ribbon I had on hand.)

cut/trim the printable. repeat.

gather a front and back

step 5
place the back, face down

step 6
place pre-cut ribbon inside, centering
hold ribbon in place with a piece of scotch tape (be sure to only use a small piece and stay away from the edge, you do not want tape residue in your machine)

place front, face up, on top of back and ribbon

step 8
sew around the edges of the printable with your sewing machine

step 9
give to a friend or enjoy yourself

Final Product

Journal Bookmark Camo

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