Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spoon Full of Sugar

Inspired by Pinterest posts. I created these fun Valentine's.

Full tutorial below.

- dollar store wood spoons
-red craft paint
-blue painter's tape
-acrylic varnish
-paint pen
-small plastic bags

step 1:
tape off the top portion of the wood spoon. be sure to press the tape down tight to prevent bleeding.

step 2:
paint top portion of wood spoon, moving away from the tape line. let paint dry. paint a second coat of paint. let dry.

step 3:
once second coat of paint is dry paint two coats of clear varnish. be sure to let each coat dry completely before applying the second coat. 

step 4:
trim out paint line with an paint pen. 

step 5: 
add candy to spoon. add spoon inside plastic bag. tie with yarn.

step 6: 
print, cut, and hole punch tags. tie tag to spoon. 


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