Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homemade Ornaments

I love the idea of having an ornament that symbolizes my year. I love the idea that my Christmas tree will tell my story. It will be a glimpse of me. Of the good times. The moments that have made me, me.

This year I made a really fun one. It is great for the traveler.

What you need:
empty glass/plastic ornament
paint pen - black and red
Mapquest printouts of your travels
airplane template
gold glitter

step 1
create an airplane template to trace. (I just found one I liked on google images). 

step 2
enter your city/country/state into mapquest. print. 

step 3
lay the airplane template over the area you want to cut out. trace. cut out.

repeat step 3 for each city/state/country you have traveled to.

step 4
on the outside of the ornament draw a travel trail with the black paint pen (dashed lines) then add a large X with the red paint pen. add the year. 

remove ornament cap, add gold glitter. (I choose gold because it reminded me of sand). 

step 6
roll your little paper map planes. insert each one into the ornament opening.

step 7
replace the cap. tie a ribbon to the top of the ornament.

now your travels are encapsulated to be remember for years to come.

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