Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some times Life is Hard

I feel like I am a lover of life. I feel happy. I am excited to learn new things, I love creating new things and love to laugh. I feel like I live a blessed life. I have the things I need, probably more than I need. I have a wonderful family that I love. I have great friends. I have the opportunity to get an education essentially for free. I know why am here in this earthly life. I know where I want to go. I know the path to get where I want to be. I believe I can do it, that I will make it.

Don't get me wrong my life is not perfect. I am anything but perfect. But my life is good.

But some times it's hard. 

The last couple of weeks have been hard. I have had a cold for 3 weeks which decided to live in my chest and turn into bronchitis. I feel tired. I don't have time to be tired. I have life to accomplish. I had a terrible day in class (tears may have been involved). I was asked to speak in front of our Stake. I am honored but I am worried I won't do the Lord justice.

It's been hard. 

It's during the hard times that I realize how alone I am. I know I have people. I love my people.

But there is something different when you know there is-

Someone at home.
Someone curious about your day. 
Someone to lift you when you are down. 
Someone to listen. 
Someone who believes in you.
Someone who is there. 

On the hard days, I miss that.  

I am grateful the hard days don't last.

I am grateful that the good days far outweigh the hard. 

Interestingly we just conducted our dinner for the General Relief Society Broadcast, our theme was "We Can Do It! We Can Do Hard Things!" Fitting, no?

And you know what, I can DO hard things! 

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  1. As I sat in the ICU last week at the bed side of my dad, I reflected on our chosen theme for the broadcast. It lifted my spirits and kept me (and heaven knows, my emotions) in check. Isn't it interesting how something that we pick to uplift others often comes full circle and may have been more meant for us and we didn't even know it?


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