Monday, April 1, 2013

I Love these Camera Bag!

I find myself wanting to take my camera with me more and more these days. What this means is shoving it into the top of my too full purse...which ends up looking like a hot mess, but hey, I have my camera when I want it. That's what matters, right?! In an effort to appear more normal and little less embarrassing to those not afraid to be seen in public with me I have been looking for a good yet still stylish bag. I think I may have found the perfect one! So excited! I will be saving my pennies, people.

I introduce to you the Kelly Moore bag...the 2-Sues to be specific. You must check out Kelly's shop. I love that she create little mini videos showing the inside, outside, and how the bag looks when being worn. The videos are incredibly helpful.

Why they are great???
1. They come with a cross body strap, which has a little pad. (so you don't end up with Grand Canyon sized gouges on your shoulder).

2. They have a bazillion pockets. (perfect for a collector, like myself).

3. They come in fun colors.

4. They look like a really cute purse.

5. The insert are movable/adjustable.

6. You can fit your entire camera with lens inside, plus additional lenses/flashes.

My second favorite...which would be perfect for traveling is the Libby. 

Go check them out! You will be in love. Promise. 

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